Dogwood, the Journal of Secondary School Plant Science, publishes secondary school student plant biology research (7th – 12th grades). We provide a platform for middle and high school students to share their research findings with the larger plant science community, to be reviewed and mentored by two early career scientists, and to become a published author.

About Us

Dogwood was founded in 2021 by a group of plant biology graduate students and plant scientists in the USA. The journal is peer-reviewed by this founding cohort. We publish one issue per year in the fall.

We publish plant science research from 7-12th grade students. We define plant science broadly and accept research in a wide array of systems (most photosynthetic organisms).

Why publish with Dogwood

By submitting to Dogwood, students can share their findings with the larger scientific community.

A scientific publication is a huge honor and testament to a student’s scientific expertise. Students with publications stand out from the crowd in college admissions.

There are no costs associated with our journal. We are entirely volunteer run.

Published Volumes

Volume 1 of Dogwood is in press. We accepted 5 papers (Author: Title):

Sydney Fairchild: Oxybenzone sunscreens reduce chlorophyll levels in Elodea canadensis

Sarah Holt: Chemical components of acid rain affect Scenedesums sp. population growth differently

Eujine Kim: Microplastics in water reduce Chlorella growth rates but do not affect pH

Ella Lewis: High soil plastic concentrations severely limit the heights of radishes (Raphanus sativus)

Beverly Eborn: Exogenously applied polyamines reduce negative growth effects of drought in soybeans

Founders and Editorial Board

Colette Berg (PhD Student, University of Montana), Editor and Founder

Timber Burnette (PhD Student, University of Montana), Editor-In-Chief and Founder

Medelin Kant (MS Student, Oregon State University), Editor

Shealyn Malone (PhD Student, University of Wisconsin), Editor

Ashley Millet (Greenhouse Manager and Plant Biologist, Grinnell College), Editor and Founder

Nikea Ulrich (PhD Candidate, University of Montana), Editor

Nathaniel Weickert (Master’s Student, University of Kansas and Kansas Biological Survey), Editor and Founder

Ashley Wojciechowski (PhD Aspirant, University of Kansas & Kansas Biological Survey), Editor and Founder

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