About Me


My favorite TV show is Drag Race. I have seen every season (US, UK, Thailand, Canada, Holland, España, Down Under), and I’ve rewatched many of them several times. My favorite queens are BenDelaCreme and Tatianna, and my favorite seasons are season 6, All Stars 3, and UK season 2. Sometimes I perform in drag. If I’m watching tv and it’s not drag race, it’s probably an animated cartoon like Tuca & Bertie or Big Mouth.

I drink A LOT of black tea. Probably four gallons a week. It’s only lightly sugared, even though I grew up on McDonald’s level sweet tea.

I have 4 plant tattoos- see below! Each have symbolic meaning to me. My first tattoo was the tree on my upper arm, representing strength throughout my experiences as a queer person (triangle at roots). The lightbulb on my neck represents my academic lightbulb moment: after working with my favorite plant Clarkia unguiculata, I knew I wanted to study water relations and plants. Plants are my favorite thing in the whole world, my lifeblood- that’s why I got a tattoo of a human heart and plant on my leg. And lastly, my arm has a bluebell tattooed on in memory of my mom. Bluebells were the first plant I could identify in the wild because I would pick them for her as a child.

You can check out my Twitter (@TimberBurnette) or my YouTube channel.

For more information, check out my research interests, some of my favorite cool plants, my personal blog, photography, my CV, or contact me!